Peterborough, Ontario – August 13-14, 2016 – The inaugural PTBO Game Jam was an astounding success for event organizers, participants and the tech community.


With 11 games being created for the event, and 78 slices of pizza eaten, the next event is already in the planning stages for early 2017. Participants worked tirelessly through the 30-hour period transforming their initial ideas into playable games. Many first time game developers were able to engage with industry professionals and come out the other end with viable games, and more importantly create something they could be proud of.

Participants have till Friday evening to polish their games for final submission with the option to make them publicly available online.

Event sponsors included dotBunny, Epic Games, Unity, Igniter Tickets, GitHub, Funky Rustic, and local VR startup ardeeXYZ.

For more information visit http://ptbogamejam.com.

UPDATE: Submitted Games & Assets


http://ptbogamejam.com/files/events/01/PTBOGameJam01-000.png http://ptbogamejam.com/files/events/01/PTBOGameJam01-001.png http://ptbogamejam.com/files/events/01/PTBOGameJam01-002.png http://ptbogamejam.com/files/events/01/PTBOGameJam01-003.png http://ptbogamejam.com/files/events/01/PTBOGameJam01-004.png http://ptbogamejam.com/files/events/01/PTBOGameJam01-005.png http://ptbogamejam.com/files/events/01/PTBOGameJam01-006.png http://ptbogamejam.com/files/events/01/PTBOGameJam01-007.png


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