By participating in any PTBO Game Jam events, and/or communicating through the associated Discord server, you accept the following terms and conditions (the "community guidelines") in addition to any pre-existing terms and conditions.

Don't Be A Jerk

Everyone is equal, don’t upset that balance. Harassment, sexism, discrimination, intimidation, threats, stalking, bullying and actions with malicious intent, either directly or passively will not be tolerated. Treat each other with respect, and it will be given in return.

Don't Be Fake

We are a community built to foster and support growth. Individuals or organizations which demonstrate themselves to be toxic to the community and it's initiatives will not be tolerated. Be legit.

Don't Spam

Advertising and marketing opportunities are reserved for sponsors throughout the duration of an event. Using the community and/or events for commercial gain without written permission and/or a sponsorship agreement is not allowed. It’s how we get all the phat loot for jammers and keep things free. Swag HYPE!

If You See Something, Say Something

Despite our best efforts sometimes things go sideways. Let us know and we will do our best to rectify the problem in a timely manner. If we don’t know about a problem, we can’t fix it.

Violation of any of the above guidelines may result in any or all of the following without warning: a temporary ban from the Discord server, a permanent ban from the Discord server, removal from an event, and/or a permanent ban from attending events.

Last Updated September 25, 2017

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