19 Feb 2018


Peterborough, Ontario – February 19, 2018 – The wait is almost over! PTBO Game Jam 04 is here. Once again an army of first-timer, amateur, and veteran game developers alike will fill the Kawartha Trade and Technology Centre for 32 hours of game development.

The jam will take place February 24th-25th, 2018 with our optional educational blocks taking place in the evening of February 23rd, 2018. Check out the full schedule for more information.


Our limited remaining spots are filling up fast! Registration remains open and free as always, but registering as soon as possible is highly recommended.


The PTBO Game Jam is proud to announce the theme of PTBO Game Jam 04 to our jammers through an exclusive game experience! BREATHE, created by sponsor dotBunny, was fittingly developed in a 32-hour game jam itself. Registered jammers are given early access to the experience on Steam.

Explore this beautiful, mysterious island and its nearby waters for treasures which will reveal to you the theme of PTBO Game Jam 04!



Oh, did we forget to mention we’re streaming all 32 hours of the jam? Jammer can opt-in to have their screens featured on our livestream and show off their game’s development! Non-jammers can tune in from home on the PTBO Game Jam Twitch feed. The stream will feature game music from the likes of Danny Baranowsky, Alexander Brandon and more!


This event our ever popular educational blocks are back and better than ever! Registered jammers can opt-in for a crash course in the popular and accessible game engine Unity, and a post-release analysis of BREATHE created in the Unreal Engine. There is also a kids educational block focusing on making a game in Scratch, a fun visual programming environment perfect for children! Both EDU blocks take place February 23rd, 2018!

Spots are limited so register as soon as possible.


Still reading? We saved the best news for last: there will be free pizza for jammers! We cannot guarantee meeting everyone’s dietary restrictions but during registration please provide such information and we’ll do our very best!

PTBO Game Jam History

With the goal of fostering a local game development community to the benefit of future generations of game developers, Matthew Davey, the founder of Peterborough-based game development studio dotBunny, organized and hosted the inaugural not-for-profit PTBO Game Jam 01 in August 2016 at the Holiday Inn Peterborough-Waterfront. That event saw 11 games created.

Based on the response to, and success of, that initial foray, follow-up events continue to be held with continual growth and reach.

With the organization of PTBO Game Jam 04, a team of industry professionals continues to work together towards the continued success of the PTBO Game Jam to the benefit of the industry as a whole as well as participants.

It’s estimated that more than 19 million Canadians identify themselves as “gamers,” participating, at some level, in an industry which is expected to grow to a startling $100 billion market value come 2019.

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