Point Of Contact

We try hard to get information about the event out through as many channels as possible. We are still but a small team with a big goal, so sometimes wires will get crossed. To streamline our process and help make sure information finds itself to the right person, we invite all media inquiries to be sent directly to Matthew Davey. Responses to media inquiries will be prioritized over general inquiries; our typical response time is within 12 hours.

If you are doing anything with our branding, the PTBO Game Jam, we would strongly suggest that you have a peek at our Brand Guidelines for specific assets and terminology.

Brand Guidelines

Media Releases
Video Footage

Here's a quick comprehensive list of all our released video footage available through YouTube. We ask that credit be given if any clips are used from the videos.

Event Profiles

We periodically update our pitch documentation, however in the spirit of transparency we have decided for archival purposes to make available online all previous versions for reference. We have had a great amount of success with this document, and hope that it can help others in crafting their own pitches.

Games Made
Pizza Slices Eaten
Hours Of Jamming
  • PTBO Game Jam 05