Proper Usage

We are quite fond of our brand, and care a significant amount about how it is used out there in the big scary world, so much so that we went that extra mile and registered it. Below are some things to keep in mind, so that you don’t offend anyone and support this wonderful thing that we have created when using our brand.

  • When making a reference to the PTBO Game Jam, your reference must be truthful, and not suggestive of anything other than the truth, and you cannot imply that you are affiliated with, partnered with, sponsoring, sponsored by, or endorsed by the PTBO Game Jam.
  • “PTBO Game Jam” is our proper name when written in text and should be capitalized as such.
  • When making a textual reference to the PTBO Game Jam, please do not link to anything except
  • When using our logos and/or icons, you can’t just do whatever ridiculous thing you want with them. Please observe the guidelines below.
PTBO Game Jam
Incorrect Usage

We ask politely once, and only once, that you respect our branding (after all we do the same for everyone else's). Our branding is a registered trademark, and as such should be kept to specificly.

  • NO Angles
    Do not rotate the logo. This isn't the 90s.
  • No Recolor
    Do not alter the coloring used in the logo. We provide event specific coloring options.
  • No Distortion
    Do not stretch, skew, or alter the readability of the logo. Come on, this is just terrible.
  • No Stroke
    Do not apply a stroke to make the logo work with a particular background.
Color Palette

Outside of the standard black and white, we have a few select colors that we use throughout the website and in our branding.