A "Rough" Plan

  • 13 Mar
    Day 1
  • 14 Mar
    Day 2
  • 15 Mar
    Day 3
PTBO Game Jam
Amanda Rochon
6:15 PM
Early Registration

Drop by and sign in and register, deal with paperwork, and get your badge (and SWAG!), making your life (and ours) easier Saturday morning. We will have someone at the registration table until ~9:00 PM to answer questions and get you settled.

Youth Educational Block
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Youth Educational Block: Scratch

You have got to start somewhere; and there is no better place to start making games then with the Pinnguaq Association teaching a great foundation in Scratch. Participants will have an introduction to Scratch, and will have their own mini game jam.

Adult Education Block - Unity
Arin Blue Matthew Davey Robert French
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Adult Education Block: How to make a Frogger Clone?

Arin Blue, Matthew Davey and Robert French guide a 2 hour mini-instructional (code-along-style) session walking through Unity's 2D Game Kit, answering questions along the way. Participants are recommended to have already worked with the project.

PTBO Game Jam
Amanda Rochon
8:15 AM
Doors Open

The doors open on PTBO Game Jam 05, the start of another fun filled adventure. Come early and get your fort setup because we are going to be here for a while!

Matthew Davey
8:45 AM
PTBO Game Jam 05 Intro

Matthew Davey takes to the mic to welcome everyone to the fourth installment of the PTBO Game Jam. Inviting present sponsors to speak, before the official event kick off. There might be a PowerPoint presentation involved, there might not. One never knows what to expect during this block of time.

PTBO Game Jam
9:00 AM
The Clock Starts

The 32-hour timer begins, and we are off to the races. Let the pressure begin and the temperature rise as the laptop powering the stream starts running at 99% usage for the next 32 hours. Will it hold? Nobody knows!

Putt For SWAG
Elisha Sarkis Rob Waite
11:00 PM
Putt For SWAG!

We still have some SWAG in our coffers that needs to be given away (while supplies last!).

Amanda Rochon Arin Blue
11:30 PM

Game development and pizza go hand-in-hand. When we started planning for 05, we made sure dotBunny was there to back this noblest of causes. We're going with the standard fair of topping selections. We will not guarantee any dietary concerns revolving around them; a cheese only pizza will be available as a vegetarian option.

Mystery Challenge
Matthew Davey Robert French
3:00 AM
Mystery Challenge

It's back! The late-night Mario Kart tournament. What's a little sleep deprivation and a bit of friendly competition going to be like? Participation is optional, but bragging rights will last a lifetime (or till the next event)!

PTBO Game Jam
5:00 PM
Done! Let the Rest & Relaxation Begin!

At this point we all will most likely need a bit of a mental break, and depending if you were here the entire time a shower.

PTBO Game Jam
5:00 PM - 6:00 PMOpen To The Public
Show & Tell

Time to see what everyone else was doing while you were hyper focused on your own game. This portion of the event is open to the public and media to come and take a look at what was made.

Matthew Davey
Matthew Davey
6:00 PM
Wrap Up & Goodbyes

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Matthew Davey will give his closing remarks and the work on the next PTBO Game Jam will begin.

Dates and times are subject to change without notice. Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date information.

  • PTBO Game Jam 05