19 Dec 2016


Peterborough, Ontario – _February 17-19, 2017 – The PTBO Game Jam is a gathering of people from all walks of life; from seasoned game developers and students just entering the industry, to hobbyists and enthusiasts all eager to engage and see what they can produce in a short timeframe.

We’re back! Bigger and better than ever before.

Hosted at the Kawartha Trades & Technology Centre, graciously donated by Fleming College’s School of Trades & Technology; this next event is set to showcase the talent of local game developers and attract developers from afar.

The PTBO Game Jam seeks to engage the local community with the video game industry to form long term relationships. The impact of a Game Jam grows far beyond Peterborough’s borders with participants coming from all over Ontario. Currently sitting at $84 billion dollars, the video game market is expected to grow to $100 billion dollars by 2019. Over 19 million Canadians identified themselves as gamers in 2015 which is approximately 54% of the population of Canada.

PTBO Game Jam 02 runs Friday February 17th to Sunday February 19th 2017 at the Kawartha Trades & Technology Centre. Kicking off Friday evening at 6:00 PM with a 2½ hour seminar about making video games, with the 45-hour Game Jam starting at 9:00PM.

For more information visit http://ptbogamejam.com.

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