07 Aug 2017


Peterborough, Ontario – August 6, 2018 – If you build it, they will come… and did they ever!

PTBO Game Jam 03, held August 4 to 6 at Fleming College’s Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre, not to sound like a broken record, was a resounding success. Drawing 60 jammers to spend a summer long weekend to create a lucky 21 games.


“With the addition of our youth educational block, we are not just starting to achieve our goals for the event, but starting to impact our local community’s future development” comments event founder and organizer Matthew Davey of Peterborough game development studio dotBunny. “We are ecstatic to see youth come out and learn to make a game and encourage them to come back and participate in the actual jam”.

With the theme Retro Flashback at its core, the semi-annual not-for-profit event of all things game development saw programmers, designers, artists, musicians and others gather to design and create games in a specified period of time. After an intense 32-hour period, 21 games were produced and will be submitted for a peer review process to determine the winner of bragging rights as the “Jammer’s Choice” of PTBO Game Jam 03.

Davey thanks dotBunny, Fleming College, Funky Rustic, Community Futures Peterborough, Liftlock Studios, Prima IP, Unity, the International Game Developers Association, and the awesome team of volunteers for their invaluable support in bringing PTBO Game Jam 03 to life.

With the success of PTBO Game Jam 03, the event continues to make its mark in the Peterborough community by promoting innovation through game development. While the PTBO Game Jam is still in its infancy, the 03 event was a resounding technological step forward from the previous two with the inclusion of a sophisticated livestream broadcast. The stream showcased game development, jammers, and the event space to the world at large. PTBO Game Jam 03’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the supportive innovation leaders in the community who helped to make it happen, who knows what other new exciting possibilities will be realized as support continues to grow?

PTBO Game Jam History

Matthew Davey
Founder & Organizer

With the goal of fostering a local game development community to the benefit of future generations of game developers, Matthew Davey, the founder of Peterborough-based game development studio dotBunny, organized and hosted the inaugural not-for-profit PTBO Game Jam 01 in August 2016 at the Holiday Inn Peterborough-Waterfront. That event saw 11 new games created and judged.

Based on the response to, and success of, that initial foray, a follow-up event was held in February 2017 which saw the number of new games created triple and Educational Block attendance rise dramatically. With the organization of PTBO Game Jam 03, a team of industry professionals continues to work together towards the continued success of the PTBO Game Jam to the benefit of the industry as a whole, as well as participants.

It’s estimated that more than 19 million Canadians identify themselves as “gamers,” participating, at some level, in an industry which is expected to grow to a startling $100 billion market value come 2019.

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